Buckhead Law Case Results

$55K settlement

Gwinnett, GA

Sideswipe collision

Concussion, sprains & strains

Conservative treatment only

$100K settlement

Cobb County, GA

Hit & Run Pedestrian accident

Lower back injury

$862,500 settlement

Buckhead, GA

Failure to Yield T-bone collision

Traumatic Brain Injury

Neck & back herniations and protrusions

$485K settlement

Fulton County, GA

Disregard of Stop Sign Front-end collision

Serious neck, back & wrist injuries

$650K settlement

Cobb County, GA

3-car Rear-end collision

85% Liability Acceptance

PTSD, neck & back herniations

$170K settlement

Coweta County, GA

Rear-end collision

Neck & back bulges

$650K settlement

Alpharetta, GA

4-vehicle collision

Traumatic Brain Injury

Serious neck & back injuries

$60K Settlement

Cobb County

Contested liability

$143.00 property damage

$775K settlement

Dekalb, GA

Rear-end collision

Serious back injuries

$100K Uninsured Motorist policy limits Settlement

Cobb County

Hit & Run


Traumatic Brain Injury

$265K settlement

Greene County

T-bone collision at 4-way stop

Serious neck & back injuries

$157K settlement

Atlanta, GA

Side-impact with commercial vehicle

Serious neck & back injuries

$175K settlement

Fulton County

Low-impact collision

Serious neck & back injuries

$100K settlement


2nd accident in less than 6 months

Low impact-rear-end collision

$50K policy limits settlement

Jonesboro, GA

Low impact-rear-end 3-car collision

$265K Settlement on $135K medical bills

Watkinsville, GA

T-Bone w/commercial vehicle pulled out in front of her

Total Loss

Reaggravation of pre-existing neck/back injuries & degenerative findings

$340K Settlement

Kennessaw, GA

Multi-vehicle collision w/commercial vehicle on I-75

Total Loss

TBI as well as neck bulges & back herniations

$360K Settlement

Athens, GA

2nd accident while still treating from prior accident in 2019

Low impact rear-end collision w/$1,300 Property Damage

Full Rotator cuff tear, concussion & neck herniations

$140K Settlement

Ellenwood, GA

Lyft Driver

Multi-car collision rear-ended while logging in w/passenger

TBI & cervical disc protrusion

Settled for the $30K Policy Limits

Jonesboro, GA

Accident on 10/2021

Low-impact rear-ended w/$1,100 Damage

Neck & back herniations

Settled in less than 4 months for $50K policy limits

Atlanta, GA

2nd accident in one week

Rear-ended in rental vehicle

Broken tooth & concussion

Settled for $25K policy limits

Snellville, GA

Low impact side-swipe

TBI & neck herniations

Settled for $25K policy limits

McDonough, GA

Low-impact rear-end collision w/$1,800 in property damage

Neck & back disc bulges

Settled for $150K

Atlanta, GA

2nd accident in the same week

Low-impact rear-end collision

Neck & back herniations

$992,309.60 settlement

Cobb County, GA

Rear-ended by commercial vehicle

Severe neck & back injuries

$125K Settlement

Dekalb County, GA

Rear-ended by Distracted Driver

Neck & Back injuries

$100K Settlement

Atlanta, GA

Minor Parking Lot collision

Neck injury

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